This is an actual panel built to order for a customer and it is going in a specialized off road vehicle.  On the DC side it has a column of 12 volt switches and circuit breakers with a battery switch at the bottom. There has been extensive use of always on push button breakers to save real estate on the panel and fit in more circuits in a limited space.
On the AC side a column of 120 Volt Circuit breakers with a shore/generator rotary transfer switch at the bottom and a sliding lockout pair of breakers at the top for inverter/bypass at the top.

In the rear view of the panels below you can see that the AC part comes with backing boxes already fitted.  Of course for installation purposes these have to be removed but then once the wiring is complete they get reattached with a cutout as necessary to get the wires in and out.  On the DC side you can see the extent to which the back of the panel is wired.  All the indicator lights and backlights are pre-wired.  If you are doing your own panel and want some special arrangement of the wiring at the back you can specify that in the order notes when designing the panel.

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