Sub panel for Amel 54 - this panel is for both 12 and 24 volt DCThis panel has a module of 24 volt breakers and a module of 12 volt breakers.  It also has a module with a 12 volt outlet and a USB outlet, and finally the three blanks are for Contura switches that will be installed by the owner afterwards.  Below I also have a photo of the back of the panel and you will see that the busbar that joins the breakers is not continuous between the 12 volt part and the 24 volt part.  The backlighting and LED's for each part are powered separately also. Panels like this are supplied with one or more dual busbars for the negative connections.  These busbars need to be mounted off the panel somewhere.

This panel doesnt have backing boxes because is is a DC panel.

Its interesting to notice some of the detailed wiring that comes standard with these panels, for example you will see that in this case the 12 volt outlet is already wired to its circuit breaker and if you look carefully you will see that they even put a 2 amp inline fuse for the USB outlet.  You can also see that even though the Contura switches are blanks for now they still did the power wiring for them.  When you have special requirements regarding how you want the panel wired the place to put them is in the order notes when you apply for a formal quote.  

Rear view of this custom panel

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