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DEI Marine Fail Safe Max 100 Amp Galvanic Isolator

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100A Galvanic isolator. The DEI 100A Galvanic Isolator comes in a Fail-Safe MAX® design.
p/n: GI-100A-FSM
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Utilizing fail safe, solid-state construction, DEI Galvanic Isolators assure safety grounding under all system conditions and provide isolation of of corrosion-causing current when installed in the grounding conductor of shore power cables. Third-party laboratory testing and certification assures that all DEI products are built to the upcoming ABYC standard. To select the appropriate model choose the DEI current rating that matches the shore power cable rating. Fail Safe Plus models meet the new ABYC standard while Fail Safe Max versions have even higher AC fault ratings.


  • Fail safe construction.
  • Ignition protected.
  • Rated for high levels of lightning surge current
  • Maintenance free design
  • Certified to ABYC A-28
  • DEI website
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