8110 multimeterThe Blue Sea Systems 8110 hand held Digital Multimeter is auto ranging so you just have to set it for AC or DC volts or Amps or to the resistance scale. It also turns itself off after a while and much beeping so you don't get surprises like a flat battery when you go to use it. The resistance scale has a beep for continuity testing that I use all the time. The clamp jaws are used to measure current and they measure AC and DC. (most cheaper meters with clamp jaws only measure AC) The meter is pretty fool proof, you cant blow the fuse by accidentally measuring battery voltage with the setting set to Amps. (I cannot tell you how many times I have done that with other meters.)  You can freeze a reading by pressing the Hold button.  You can hang the meter from something by using the jaws as a clamp.  AC voltage readings are true RMS, useful for reading outputs from non sine wave inverters.  All in all its a nice full featured digital multimeter for a very reasonable price

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