This is a Sprinter installation by  Jim Dixon of Dixon Marine  from Shelter Island San Diego. Dixon Marine are Victron Dealers and this is Jim's personal work truck as well as being a display for his handiwork. Jim is a Victron Ambassador and recently brought his van to the Victron US Distributors meeting in Salt Lake City.    Some products pictured in this van include 300 Amp Hour Victron Smart Lithium Iron Batteries and  a Multi Plus 12/3000/120-50 Inverter/Charger.  As well as being a practical and functional display Jim is using this as a test bed and has included more measuring equipment than would normally be found on a project like this.  In one of the pictures you will see the 100 Amp Buck Boost DC DC converter which is used to take current from the alternator through to the Lithium battery.  Jim has added some additional instrumentation so he can monitor exactly how much comes through.

Hi Jim, thanks for sharing your installation!

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