When you have a dual foot alternator it is important to mount it correctly to avoid bending or breaking the mounting feet. The two feet must be completely filled before you tighten up the mounting bolt. To facilitate getting the alternator into a tight fit like this the rear bushing slides and as the alternator is supplied the bushing is in the "out" position. Once you begin to tighten up the mounting bolt the bushing slides to completely fill the gap between the alternator and the engine and any spacers. Once the gap is completely filled any additional pressure you put by tightning the mounting bolt will not put any bending pressure on the tabs of the alternator. Usually a mount like this requires a spacer to help fill the gap. At PKYS we have spacers available for this purpose if needed.

Dual foot alternator

A spacer like the one above is often required to fill the gap, we can provide these in a variety of lengths if required.  Click on the image of the spacer for more details.

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