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Legacy Four Wire Ceiling Lights

Imtra are doing away with their old 4 wire system for dimming ceiling lights.  Two wires were use to power the light and two wires were required to do the dimming.  This made these lights difficult or impossible to retrofit to two wire boats.  So all these lights are being replaced by newer two wire ones.  The ones shown here are only available While Stocks Last.

If the exact light you want is no longer available here is the table of replacements:

Pool replaces Portland
Ripple replaces Rockport
Current replaces Camden
Tide replaces Hatteras
A105 replaces Avalon 105
A155 replaces Avalon 155
T105 replaces Tacoma 105
T155 replaces Tacoma 155
T180 replaces Tacoma 180
Wave replaces Ventura round
Blade has the same cutout as Ventura but a lower profile
Surf and Carve replace Ventura square