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Marinco 14
11 inch black cable ties 25 pack.

Marinco 14" Black Cable Ties - 25 pack

On sale $7.50 $2.98
Standard duty 14" black cable ties for bundling wire and cable, these black ties have the highest UV resistance making them suitable for outdoor use
p/n: 199214
Marinco cable ties provide a great solution for bundling wire, cable, hoses, cords and countless other applications. With a unique design and high-quality construction, they feature a patented, DoubleLock design that offers increased tensile strength 33% stronger than the industry standard.

These 14" wire ties are invaluable for medium and large bundles of wires such as those found in battery installations.  Sold in packs of 25

Please note that we may bend these to fit them in a box smaller than 14" long

Tech Tip

Black cable ties have the highest UV resistance and so are more suitable for use outdoors.  They also look the best for inside installations.  I switched to all black cable ties many years ago and never looked back.  Try them!  


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