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Marinco SeaLink Deluxe Dual USB Charger and 12V Receptacle
Marinco Dual USB Charger and socket combo

Marinco SeaLink Deluxe Dual USB Charger and 12V Receptacle

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Combination Dual USB with 12V Receptacle features two ports to charge cell phones, tablets and other devices powered by USB’s, a blue LED to show that power is available, and a cover to prevent water and dirt from entering the ports. The Dual USB has a 12 Volt input with a 5 Volt output, a total of 2.1 amps output between the two ports. The 12V receptacle included in the combination SeaLink USB charger, is rated to 20 amps, and is compatible with standard 12V plugs. These products are ideal for your USB onboard charging needs and designed for the marine environment.

  • 12VDC input
  • Dual USB has 5V, 2.1 amp total output
  • Blue LED power indicator light for USB
  • Receptacle has 12VDC output, rated up to 20 amps
  • Water resistant covers protect against dust and water
  • Insulated terminals included

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