Cameron purchased a 1996 Safari Sahara 3044. They are known for their riveted aluminum exterior and robust build design. The RV was mostly trashed on the inside with water leaks and termite damage, so it was gutted to the studs. While rebuilding they reworked the climate control systems for off-grid use by adding a high efficiency, residential-style, mini split air conditioner where the generator used to be located.

Off The Grid CamperSolar Setup

The rooftop AC’s were removed for additional solar, and the main electrical panel was converted from 50 to 30 amp service so it could run through a single, Multiplus 3000 inverter.  2100 watts of solar panels are on the roof in a series parallel configuration so that could over-clock a MPPT 150/100 solar controller without exceeding its short circuit or maximum current limits. This was just an experiment Cameron wanted to do. Works well with an obvious reduction in “peak” output. Since then Cameron has made a flat mounted array with some rooftop obstructions that cause shading, it’s rare for my system to put out more that 50 - 70%. Cameron says he may add a second solar controller if he can find the time. 

There’s a DC to DC charger for alternator charging, which has not been hooked up yet. Cameron has used nothing but solar since last June while full-timing on the road and running two mobile businesses.
 No alternator, no shore power, no generator. Just solar hooked to our 400ah lithium battery bank made up of 2 x 200ah LiFeBlue Battery packs. 
Just about everything has been gone through on this thing. Even the cabinet that the electrical is in was built by an aluminum fabricator.

All things considered, this is a fantastic RV restoration and we can't wait to see what Cameron builds next! Please check out their webstie at and follow their instagram @OTGCamper

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