Seakeeper has built a large market in proving comfort onboard at sea and at anchor. Seakeeper is a Gyro that spins and when you engage the Seakeeper the boat stops rolling to a large degree. 

A little while ago Seakeeper introduced the SEAKEEPER BATTERY-POWERED MODEL.

Battery power systems are exactly what we do at PKYS Inc and so when North Point Yacht Service came to us for Victron Lithium Ion Batteries we discovered yet another use of silent Battery power.   

 North Point Yacht service  had one of a few powerboats that intended to use the SeaKeeper 2 on a Pursuit S 328 Sport Center Console

The Owner of this boat wanted to sit at anchor and not spill his Tea. Sitting in confort is what Seakeeper excels at. But he also didn’t want the engine running so North Point Yacht service  is building a battery-based system to power the Seakeeper. This enables the Seakeeper to operate in silence and when the boat is moving the engines recharge the batteries

Victron Energy Parts list North Point specified out this system with a 3 x 330ah lithium bank producing a big 990AH of storage. One advantage Victron lithium Ion Batteries have is the small footprint. 

The picture shows how this bank was fitted under the console which is a very tight squeeze, but impossible to do with Traditional Lead Acid. 

The Battery Management system and Lynx distribution system can be seen above the batteries. 

Victron Energy Parts list 

BAT512132410                   330AH batteries x3

BMS300200200                  VE bus BMS       

 CYR010230412                 Cyrix li-CT battery combiners x 2

 LYN020102000                 Lynx Power in 

 LYN060102000                 Lynx Distributor

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