Balmar Altmount Serpentine Kit installation on a Yanmar 4JH4E

Altmount kit on a Yanmar 4JH4E

This installation is not yet complete.  The problem was that the hoses around the alternator got in the way.  In addition this boat (a Beneteau 423) did not have room around the engine that would allow a longer belt so the alternator could sit a bit further out.  It seems like it is all going to work out in the end but took a bit more effort.  Here is what the customer said and below is a parts drawing of the hoses in question:

As a reminder of the problem, the 4JH4E has a coolant hose that rides against the stock alternator which is even a bigger problem on the Series 60. It is impossible to install the Series 60 V-belt option with the 4JH4E. Even the Alt Belt kit is a tight fit without removing clamp 2 in the drawing and doing some unnatural things with hoses 3 and 4.  The engine in Peter's video has a set up with a different hose that looks intentionally made to give the alternator more room.  Unfortunately one loses the petcock drain but that is an acceptable trade-off for me at this point. My Yanmar dealer sent me the attached drawing.  The inset shows that very hose (#3-1).  So, my advice to others looking to install a Series 60 on a Yanmar 4JH4E is 1) V-belt option is incompatible and alt belt kit should be the only consideration; 2) move the tensioner arm to the second hole;  and 3) strongly recommend to replace the coolant hoses #3 and #4 with #3-1 and retainer #10. 
I don't have this all installed yet, but hope to do so in a few weeks or in January. It is all likely to still be tight but I am pretty confident that this new hose will solve my problem. I'll report back on the final outcome.   I'd like to the get one of the Balmar belt tensioners installed but I will have to tackle that later too as the BBU doesn't fit the stock tensioner on the 4JH4E. 

Yanmar 4JH4E cooling system


Mark Thomas

Date 4/26/2022

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Date 4/27/2022

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Date 9/25/2023

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