DC voltage ratings cause trouble for manufacturers because when DC switches and circuit breakers open they tend to arc which causes damage to the device over time.  This doesn't happen in AC applications nearly as much because the nature of AC power is to be off at the start and end of every cycle.   As a result many of the items we sell at PKYS have different ratings for DC and AC applications.

Most of our circuit breakers are only rated to 32 Volts DC and some of our battery switches are rated up to 48 Volts DC. We have some Victron inverters and inverter chargers that run on 48 volts DC.  The only items in the store that come to mind that has a rating higher than 48 volts DC are the Class-T fuses which is rated up to 160 Volts DC and the Victron range of Solar Charge Controllers, some of which go up to 250 Volts DC.  We also have Battery Monitors that go up to 90 Volts DC and one High Voltage Battery Monitor that goes up to 350 Volts DC

These days there are applications for higher DC voltages in solar installations as well as for electric propulsion of motor vehicles and boats.

Fortunately one US company has stepped up to the plate with equipment to use in these kind of applications.  GIGAVAC has a 40,000 square foot factory and headquarters in Carpinteria, California and sells their equipment direct to the public through their online store.

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