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Spare Serpentine Belt
Spare Serpentine Belt

Spare Serpentine Belt

Your Price: $46.95
Spare J10 belt for Balmar Altmount Serpentine Conversion Kit
p/n: SpareBelt-
Availability: Some sizes in stock

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THESE ARE ALL J10 BELTS  Balmar Altmount kits already come with one spare belt, if you want to order more this is the place.  They can be a bit hard to source so it is recommended to carry a few if you are planning a long trip.  This is an extra wide 10 rib serpentine belt.  I'm sorry we don't have any 6 rib belts but these are easily available nationwide at auto parts stores.

Tech Tip

If you are ordering a new pulley kit it would be best to wait and see if the belt that comes with it fits before ordering additional belts. Each kit already comes with a spare.

Altmount Belts

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