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Sperry Instruments DM6250 Digital Autoranging Multimeter
Autoranging multimeter with 7 functions and 19 ranges

Sperry Instruments DM6250 Digital Autoranging Multimeter

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Every boat should carry a multimeter for basic troubleshooting and this is a simple economy version that is nevertheless not short on features. It measures AC/DC Voltage, resistance, diode test, continuity (audible), temperature (probe type), and battery testing

  • Auto range simplifies operation
  • Auto power-off to save batteries
  • Test leads included with meter

  • Despite being an inexpensive meter this has a nice feel to it, it is solid and well constructed, not like some cheap meters.  I liked the kickstand that allowed it to stand up on the table when I was using it at the workbench.  I am happy to recommend this meter for basic testing.  The main thing it doesnt do is measure AC or DC current.

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