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Victron Energy Blue Power

Victron energy can let you get out in the wild and have the comforts of home.  Here at PKYS we are experts in  all aspects of Victron Energy technology and can help you outfit your vehicle.  Go on, unleash your wild side!

Tourig Sprinter Van conversionLithium Ion batteries are ideal for Sprinter Van conversions because of they have extraordinarily high performance while offering substantial weight and size reductions when compared to conventional batteries.  Here at PKYS INC we can offer you everything you need for your Sprinter Van conversion.

Van conversion experts Tourig of Golden CO, shown in the accompanying photo, have been wholesale customers of PKYS for some time and we have been supplying them with Victron Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and all the associated equipment.

Victron Energy has a complete system that includes Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, a Battery Management System (BMS), a Battery Monitor, Color Display, Solar Charge Controllers,  an Inverter Charger and control relays.  Everything in the Victron Energy kit of parts talks together to each other to form an integrated system.  The components can be liked to a phone, tablet or computer by Bluetooth to display system status and historical data, and the whole system can be connected to the internet for remote monitoring.  No other manufactuer can come close to such an integrated system.

Lithium battery

Planning on outfitting a Sprinter Van? We prepare custom made wiring diagrams for our customers. Don't have a drawing? Contact us to discuss your project using the form below. In the meantime you can read the project notes to go with the drawings.

Never guess about state of charge again
Never guess about state of charge again with this BMV 712 battery monitor from Victron Energy.  Reads Volts, Amps, State of Charge, Time to go, and historical information.  Built-In Bluetooth reads to a phone, tablet or computer.  Below is what the display looks like on an iPhone.

iPhone display of Victron Connect

Tourig Sprinter Van conversion

Sprinter Van conversion by Tourig, Golden CO