Although the normal use for the SmartShunt or BMV range of battery monitors is for battery monitoring the device can now be configured for DC Energy Monitoring.  This means the device can be used to measure the power production or power consumption of a single device. Suggested uses can be selected in the Victron Connect menu and the list of pre-programmed uses is as follows:

  • Fuel Cell
  • Water generator
  • DC/DC charger
  • AC charger
  • Generic source
  • Generic load
  • Electric drive
  • Fridge
  • Water pump
  • Bilge pump
  • DC System
  • Inverter

Using the device this way requires some adjustments to the wiring.  Victron suggest you erase all the history data before setting the device up in this way.  The settings are found in the Victron Connect App under the "Misc" menu and selecting on DC Energy Meter opens up a window explaining the application. You then get to select your load or source type in the menu.

DC Energy Meter

The data will show up on a GX device as well as on the VRM portal* (*when the application is fully implemented - see notes below)  Using this method it is possible to get a more complete picture of what is going on it an electrical system including for the first time the ability to monitor non-Victron devices.

At the time of writing the promised wiring instructions have not showed up in the online instruction manual and we hope to have more information on that shortly.  I looked up some posts about it in the Victron Community Forum and the general summary is that this is in the process of implementation and isn't a fully completed function just yet.

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