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Smart Products from Victron Energy

Victron Energy now has a whole suite of "Smart" products featuring a built-in Bluetooth interface, some of which can be set up to network together.  The latest addition to the fold is the Smart Battery Sensor.  This sensor can be used with any of the Bluetooth equipped MPPT Solar Charge Controllers to add battery voltage and temperature sensing directly on the battery. The list of products with Bluetooth keeps on growing. This first list below is of the products where Bluetooth is built-in

Lithium Smart Batteries
Smart MPPT Charge Controllers
BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor
Battery Charger
Smart Battery Sense

By now you will have gathered the Victron are using the word "Smart" to indicate that devices have built-in Bluetooth capability.  

Smart Battery Sensor

There are other products that are capable of having Bluetooth functionality added with the addition of a Bluetooth dongle.  This applies to any device with a VE Direct port, here is the list:

All MPPT solar charge controllers
All BMV energy monitors
All VE Direct inverters