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Victron Battery Management System BMS 12/200
Victron Battery Management System BMS 12/200

Victron Battery Management System BMS 12/200

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The BMS is designed for use with Victron Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Its function is to manage the battery bank and prevent overcharging or over discharging. The BMS 12/200 comes with a 12V 200A short-circuit load output, Li-ion battery over-discharge  protection, starter battery discharge protection, adjustable alternator current limit and remote on-off switch. 

  • This BMS is specifically intended for use with motor vehicles
  • It has the ability to restrict the amount of power taken from the vehicle alternator to charge the Lithium batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Datasheet

The 12/200 is particularly useful if a Victron inverter/charger is not used and there is a need to connect with another brand of inverter/charger but it is for fairly low current applications. The VE.Bus BMS is intended for use with Victron inverter/chargers and communicates digitally with them . The VE BMS  will work with 12, 24, or 48V installations but the BMS 12/1200 is only for 12 volt applications.  The BMS12/200 internally controlls DC Charge/Discharge but the VE BUS BMS controls external relays to do the same job. 


The boxes that these items come in are particularly flimsy and the item itself is quite heavy and has studs protruding.  Invariably the studs poke through the box and sometimes spear the instruction manual on the way.  I have asked Victron to provide better boxes for them but in the meantime please realize that this will be how the item comes.  Now that we know we can pack it particularly well on the outside but the boxes arrive to use "pre-poked"  

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