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Victron Energy BPP900400100 Venus GX
Victron Venus GX

Victron Energy BPP900400100 Venus GX

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The Victron Energy Venus GX is similar to the Color Control GX but without a screen. It is used to connect multiple Victron devices to each other and to the Internet
p/n: BPP900400100
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The Venus GX provides intuitive control and monitoring.  In many ways, the Venus GX is exactly the same device as the Color Control GX. A lot of the hardware is the same. And it runs the same software, the Venus OS. Their software therefore shares the same version numbering, and new versions are released at the same time for both devices. Because the Venus GX has no display or buttons, it is controlled differently than  the Color Control GX. The way to access the device for setting up, as well as monitoring, is via Remote Console. Either via VRM, via the built-in WiFi Access Point, or on the local LAN/WiFi network

See the additional information tab above for an extract from the manual.  The Venus is a work in progress, there is lots of future functionality built in and just waiting for software updates to enable it. They are currently working to make the the Venus software run on the Beaglebone Black, a 45 USD single board computer similar to the RaspberryPi. Also someone from the community is working to make the full Venus image run on a RaspberryPi. Go through the developers mailing list archive to find the latest status. Communication to Victron Products can then be done using the standard USB interfaces, such as the VE.Direct USB cable.

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