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Victron Energy BPP910200100 Octo GX
Victron Octo GX

Victron Energy BPP910200100 Octo GX

On sale $359.00 $305.15
Includes 10 VE direct ports for remote monitoring. Uses Victron VRM Portal to connect devices to the internet
p/n: BPP910200100
Availability: Special order only
The Octo GX is a member of the GX Product Family. The Octo GX is the best fit for installations that have many MPPT Solar Chargers as it has 10 VE.Direct ports. It can be used for remote monitoring using the Victron VRM Portal when the Octo GX is connected to the internet. Like the Venus GX, the Octo GX has VE Bus and VE Can ports, a USB port and programmable analog connectinons, but because of its 10 VE direct ports it is able to support multiple MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.The Octo GX comes with a small Wifi antenna. It is possible to replace it by any other Wifi antenna having a RP-SMA connector.

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