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Victron Energy SCC950100000 MPPT WireBox Small
This one works with the MPPT 75-10/15

Victron Energy SCC950100000 MPPT WireBox Small

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Safety Cover for wire connections on 75-10/15 MPPT Charge controllers
p/n: SCC950100000
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The MPPT WireBox provides an extra level of safety, and is particularly useful if your MPPT Solar Charger is installed in a general access area. It is particularly valuable on any of the controllers that will be using a higher voltage on the input side and should help to keep fingers out and avoid shocks from the high voltage side of the panel connection. It covers all DC terminals, preventing accidental or inquisitive contact with terminal screws. There are various sizes available, this is model SCC950100000 for the 75/10 and 100/15 charge controllers: 

  • MPPT WireBox-S 75-10/15 (this model)
  • MPPT WireBox-S 100-15 
  • MPPT WireBox-S 100-20 
  • MPPT WireBox-M 100-30/50 & 150/35 
  •  MPPT WireBox-L Tr 150-45/60/70 & 250-60/70 
  • MPPT WireBox-XL Tr 150-85/100 & 250-85/100
  • Charge controller not included
  • See drawing for details

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