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Victron Energy SHU102050200 Shunt 1000 Amp 50 mV  for use with BMV Meters
Victron Energy 1000 Amp 50 mV shunt for use with BMV Meters

Victron Energy SHU102050200 Shunt 1000 Amp 50 mV for use with BMV Meters

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Heavy duty shunt for measuring current up to 1000 Amps. This is a 1000A/50mV shunt, other ones are available up to 6000 Amps

Excerpt from the BMV instruction manual about the use of alternative shunts 

The BMV is supplied with a 500A / 50mV shunt. For most applications, this should be suitable; however the BMV can be configured to work with a wide range of different shunts. Shunts of up to 9999A, and/or 75mV can be used. When using a shunt other than the one supplied with the BMV, please proceed as follows: 

1. Unscrew the PCB from the supplied shunt. 
2. Mount the PCB on the new shunt, ensuring that there is good electrical contact between the PCB and the shunt. 
3. Connect the shunt and BMV as shown in the quick installation guide. 
4. Follow the Setup wizard (section 1.1 and 1.2). 
5. After completion of the Setup wizard, set the proper shunt current and shunt voltage according to section 4.2.5, setting number 65 and 66. 
6. If the BMV reads a non-zero current even when there is no load and the battery is not being charged: calibrate the zero current reading (see section 4.2.1, setting number 09)

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