Victron Energy Training at PKYS on February 26 and 27. This event was tailored to our Marine Industry partners. The mid level to advanced level training combined 4 stations with 6 trainees per station. This number seemed perfect for each trainee to get the most out of the program.

The training involves system building with all components and Cables and then onto programing and eventually monitoring through the Victron Remote monitoring site the VRM.

Victron Trainig station 2 and 4

The training event was held by the team at PKYS and we had guests, Charles Johnson, PE JTB Marine Corporation,  Justin Larrabee from Victron and with help from Nate Horton from Horton Marine services. 

The list of Marine related businesses attending includes;

Marine Electric Systems 

True North Yachting 

Port Annapolis Marina 

Annapolis Hybrid Marine 

North Point Yacht Sales 

Clarks Landing Yacht Sales 

Mallard Marine Services 

M Yacht Services LLC 

Diversified Marine Services 

Peake Mobile Marine 

Safe Harbor Great Oak Landing Marina 

Lunbar Marine 

Simpson Marine Services 

Walls marine service 

Haven Harbour Marina

Chesapeake Dockside Services

Training Wall before cables

Training Wall before cables, using the Victron Lynx distributor and Lynx smart BMS.

The board started with a Multiplus or 2, a Solar controller, Cerbo GX, Touch 50 screen, Battery protect and then additional components can be added.

All the Components were mounted on a Monarch Metal Z Clips rail. This enables components to be added and subtracted with ease and a new system design is easily achieved. The rail uses the French cleat system as seen on the Multiplus and MultiPlus-II.

Training station 1 Victron Smart BMS 500

Early days of adding Cables and wires to the Lynx and Smart BMS.

The Solar Charge controller has been added as has the charger. The Wakespeed regulator has been removed and will be replaced by a Zeus regulator.

Training station 1 Victron Smart BMS 500

Victron smart BMS 500

Training Station 1 Victron Smart BMS 500

In this picture the system has been built out with cables and cabling and the trainees are programing the components.

In this case a Zeus Regulator is being programmed as part of the system. 

The battery charger on the left is used to simulate solar panels for the Solar Charge controller to be programed.

This station also had a Victron Transformer.

Station 2 Victron smart BMS 500 with 2 MultiPlus 12/3000 inverter chargers in Split Phase.

In this picture you can see the Balmar Alternator and Balmar MC-618-H regulator add on.

Victron VE Bus BMS

Station 2 VE Bus BMS

More programing on the Station 2 VE Bus BMS.

Here the trainees get to program the system for Lithium batteries for one thing.

Once programing is done then the system gets tested and that's where the real experience starts. 

Trainees found out all the subtle differences programing could do.

Below we have Nate Horton from Horton Marine services describing his Gui mods modifications for the Cerbo GX or in this case the Ekrano GX. The video shows him bringing up the mods on the Victron Remote Monitoring site VRM.

GUI MODS stands for Graphic User Interface Modifications and is third party software that allows you to customize the display of your Cerbo GX or other Venus GX device.  The software is not a Victron product, it was written and developed by a private individual,  Kevin Windrem, and published on his GitHub page. 

In this image Nate is brining up the Gui mods on the Ekrano GX


Ross Lukeman

Date 3/11/2024

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