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Victron  VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle
The Dongle allows you to display information on an iPhone or Android device

Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

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Upgrade VE Direct devices not already equipped with Bluetooth
p/n: ASS030536011
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Using the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle you can display your BMV or MPPT information on iOS and Android devices, using the VictronConnect app. View information wirelessly such as battery status and solar panel power, plus other useful data. The dongle is able to read data from the BMV-70x series battery monitors and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers using  the VE.Direct communication port.  The dongle can also be used for programming.

Victron are using Bluetooth more and more to connect with their devices.  Their new Lithium-Ion Smart Batteries come with built in Bluetooth.  The Dongle can now be used with the new range of VE Direct inverters as well as with the MPPT charge controllers and the BMV range of energy monitors.  You can use the same device by unplugging it from one and plugging it into the other, or you can have one Dongle for each device

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