What follows is a brief excerpt from the original Blog Post which is published online at Jan-Kees-Blog

Jan starts off by saying that the Venus has 5 digital inputs which can be used for a bunch of tasks.  The first ones which come to mind are bilge alarm (Ok/Alarm),  smoke alarm (Ok/Alarm),  fire alarm(Ok/Alarm), door alarm (Open/Closed), Pulse Meter (water volume pumped), generator (Running/Stopped), etc.   And these ‘states’ are all visible on the screen.

Jan suggest that these inputs turn the Venus into a remote boat monitor with capabilities well beyond its original intention. He goes on to show how to do this in detail using some simple and inexpensive add ons.  I will let you read his article yourselves on his blog Jan-Kees-Blog

Here is a screen shot of the end results:



Date 5/23/2018

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