This is the Mounting Procedure for Heavyweight Victron Energy Items like the MultiPlus, Isolation Transformers, Quattro inverter chargers, large battery chargers including the Centaur and Skylla models. Mounting heavy Victron items is easy because all you have to do is screw the mounting bracket to the wall or bulkhead, then mount the device and screw the locking screws in on the bottom to stop it jumping off the bracket.


We often get asked if these items can be mounted lying down.  This attachment method will work in that orientation just fine, you just have to make sure the device is firmly seated on the bracket because you wont have gravity to help you.  With the device lying down it will not have natural convection to assist the fan for cooling purposes.  That means you need to take additional care to ensure it is in a location with adequate space and ventilation.

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