Adventure Van Expo

Adventure Van Expo  at Lake Dillon Colorado

This is one event of several events PKYS Inc attended. A few of our Van Installers were at the Lake Dillon expo

The show features built-out Adventure vans-Mercedes Sprinters, (mostly) 4x4 rigs, accessories like roof racks and bumpers to view and buy for your rig or van, and more. This a wheels to roof (and everything in between show). 


Above is MyTourig from Golden Colorado

They had 2 vans a Mercedes Sprinter and a Ford

The VanSmith had one of their standard Mercedes Sprinter packages at the show. 

Max and Santiago were representing the Van Smith.

They offer standard packages and fully custom rigs. One of the issues currently with these vans is the Availability.

Victron NA training Tour

Victron had their North American Tour trailer at the expo.

Lots of Van Lifers were intrigued by the Victron range of products and what they could do.

On the hot Saturday and Sunday of the Expo, the 2,000 Watts of solar were producing so much power all 3 Air Conditioning units of the trailer were cooling the inside to 70 degrees and the batteries were still being charged.

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