PKYS will be stocking this Arco regulator once it is available for retail sale , probably some time in November 2023. I had a demonstration of its capabilities at IBEX in Tampa and was impressed by the sophistication of the App and the ease of configuration.  The ARCO ZEUS App is available for download from the Android or Apple web stores and can be run in demo mode to give you a preview.  The regulator works for 12, 24 and 48 volt P and N type regulators.  Its current shunt can be on the negative or positive output of the alternator.  It can interface to NMEA 2000 or Can Bus including to the Victron Cerbo GX and comes with a wire harness and two temp sensors. The harness is split into two sections, one that goes to the alternator and one that goes to the batteries.  The blurb below is from the press announcement:

Zeus high energy alternator regulator

The Arco Zeus High Energy Alternator Regulator, which the company said is the fastest and safest way to charge your batteries and optimize your alternator, is the only alternator regulator to feature Bluetooth connectivity and a native app (on iOS and Android) allowing for easy installation and configuration. The app also provides users with real-time data on ir system performance, including battery voltage, current and temperature.

“ARCO is thrilled to bring this powerful product to market in an industry where Users appreciate the balance of technical capabilities and user experience,” said Ben Stoddard, CEO of ARCO. “We couldn’t be prouder of the ARCO Zeus, the development team’s efforts and the strong friendships/partnerships of seasoned professionals we have created along the way. The strength of the other field entrants only makes this recognition all the sweeter. This is a win for everyone.”

Here are some screenshots from the App running in demo mode:

Main page from App.

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