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Balmar SG200 Bluetooth Gateway
Bluetooth Gateway for Balmar SmartLink products

Balmar SG200 Bluetooth Gateway

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Balmar's new monitor has combined the best features of its 1st generation Smartgauge with the advantages of a shunt-based amp-hour counting system to come up with a battery meter that combines the best features of both.
p/n: SG2-0300
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  • Optional Bluetooth Gateway for Smartphone Monitoring 
  • Connect to Any Open Port on the SmartLink Network 
  • 1 Meter (39") Tether

Balmar Press Release  Sept 18th 2019

The SG200 is Balmar’s revolutionary, award-winning, next-generation battery monitor; capable of providing both State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) measurements. The SG200 is self-calibrating and provides battery status measurements for one deep-cycle (house) battery plus two auxiliary (start) batteries. Battery information is delivered to an industry-standard 2” round, sunlight-readable color display. The system is expandable; capable of handling multiple house batteries and displays on a single network. Balmar’s Bluetooth® Gateway can be used for reading critical battery parameters on a mobile device, advanced setup functions, and downloading software updates.

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