The Cerbo GX is the most ambitious addition yet to the GX family of Victron products and this all new Communication Center promises to be a most desirable addition to the family. The Cerbo GX displays connected Victron products and connects them to the outside world. Watch the video to get the idea that this is a game changer in how to connect and present multiple devices.

The Cerbo comes with three VE Direct ports, three USB ports, two VE Bus ports, one VE Can port, a Can Bus BMS port, an Ethernet port, two programmable relay outputs, multiple tank sender and temp inputs, multiple programmable digital inputs, a micro SD card slot for memory storage, a generator start stop port,  built-in Wi Fi and Bluetooth, and an optional remote display as well as built-in support for a wide range of Marine Multi Function Displays.  This is all powered by a dual core processor with 1GB of RAM for optimum performance.

The Price? The Cerbo-GX is $383.85 The GX Touch Display (sold separately) will be $245.65 The increased functionality with WiFi and Bluetooth as well as Marine MFD connectivity mean that most users will be able to use this without the optional screen.

The advantages?  Apart from the obvious sexiness of the entire system it has some real advantages over the other products in the family.  Because of all its connection points it will be best located in a central location near to the various connected items.  This avoids extended wiring runs for multiple cables.  If a wired display is used a single cable can bring all the data to where it is needed. Most users will opt to view the information on their phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Marine MFD or remotely via the Victron VRM.

Increased connectivity?  This unit can connect up to 15 VE Direct devices using its three VE Direct ports and then using VE Direct to USB adaptors and one or more USB hubs to connect the remaining devices.  Resistive tank sender ports are available for tank monitoring without the need for a NMEA 2000 network.  If a NMEA 2000 network is available the latest version of the Venus operating system can output NMEA 2000 data directly using its VE Can port.  Outputting data to Marine MFD displays via ethernet is 'plug and play' for major brands of chart plotters and MFD's

Availability?  Coming in Available May June 2020 approx, you can put your name on the waiting list here

Other new equipment?  The Smart Shunt will be used in conjunction with the Cerbo GX to get battery state of charge information.  Since the Cerbo GX has all the display and connectivity options already there is no need for a separate screen for a battery monitor and all the brains can be located in the shunt.  This saves money, wiring and complication.

Also new this season:  The Smart DC DC Battery chargers are now starting to become available.  At the time of writing in December 2019 at PKYS we already have the 12 to 24 volt models and the 24 to 12 volt.  We don't expect the 12 to 12 volt models for another couple of months.

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Date 9/22/2020

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