Thanks to Charlie Johnson of  JTB Marine Corporation in St. Petersburg FL for this tip.  All his projects include a Micro SD Card.  Yours should too.

The card slot on the Cerbo GX can accommodate a Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.  A card this size sells for less than $10.   You can use this for datalogging as described in the Datalogging to VRM section of the Cerbo GX manual.  The card stores system data for up to 6 months, the exact length of time depends on the data rate you select when you set it up.  Once an internet connection becomes available the Cerbo will upload this data to the Victron VRM, the free Victron Remote Management portal, freeing up the card to save more data.  This allows you to keep a complete unbroken record of your system performance regardless of your internet connectivity, as long as you are occasionally able to free up the data by uploading it to the VRM.

In the event there are any questions about system performance, or a need to troubleshoot a particular event, you will have a record of what happened.  This should also allow you to speed up the logging rate so more granular data is recorded.  By default it only sends data every 15 minutes but this is adjustable in the Cerbo menu.  In the event your card fills up before it gets to upload to the VRM it will keep working but start to overwrite older data.

This is a great investment for less than $10 that will greatly enhance the utility of the Cerbo and the VRM and enhance your ability to troubleshoot if you have any anomalies.  We thoroughly recommend you install one of these cards in your system.  The Ekrano GX has a similar slot, as does the Cerbo-S GX.   Even older units like the Venus GX or Color Control GX can do the same thing.

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