Should we be getting excited about this new Cerbo GX Mk2?  We say no.  Its just got some minor tweaks and there is nothing earth shattering about this upgrade. One of the most useful things is that they turned the RJ45 ports around to make them easier to disconnect.  They made changes to one of the USB ports and to the Can Bus ports.  It will temporarily be priced higher than the standard Cerbo GX to ensure that stocks are reserved for those that really need them but eventually it will supercede the regular Cerbo GX and there will be just one price.  Here is what I learned on the Victron Community

What exactly are the differences between the "old" Cerbo GX and the new MK2 version? Information that we got so far: 

  • Same form factor 
  • All 3 USB ports now fully functional 
  • Isolated VE.CAN RJ45 ports have been rotated for easier access to remove cables (great news!) 
  • Digital inputs now accept pulse wave

At the time of writing in December 2023 the retail price will be $333.20 for the Cerbo GX Mk 2 versus $289.85 for the regular Cerbo GX and $217.60 for the Cerbo-S GX, a stripped down version.

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