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BEP  FT-500 Class T Fuse 500 Amp
BEP FT-600 Class T Fuse 600 Amp

BEP FT-500 Class T Fuse 500 Amp

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p/n: FT-500-B
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These corrosion resistant fuses are time delayed to allow temporary harmless in-rush currents to pass, but open quickly on sustained overloads to protect circuits from overloads and short circuits. Each fuse is tested twice to ensure the highest quality.  These are sold in Bulk Pack meaning they come in a cardboard box labelled by Cooper Bussman, the actual manufacturer.

  • 500 Amp Class T fuse
  • JJN-500
  • Interrupt Capacity: 20,000A DC 
  • Maximum Voltage: 160V DC 
  • Diameter: 1.34 inches (34 mm) Length: 2.77 inches (70 mm) 
  • Use with Pro Installer Class T Fuse Holder 778-T2S-600

Tech Tip

These fuses are a different physical size to the 400 amp ones and they only work with the 778-T2S-600  fuse holder.             

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