This new feature from Victron is explained in the two videos below.  This was one of the most requested features and is finally now available.  It allows boaters or RV'ers to prioritize wind or solar energy even when connected to shore power.  This cuts down on energy costs and allows more ecological operation.  This first introductory video explains the concept.  


There is a new manual to go with this called Solar and Wind Priority that explains it in more detail.   This new update is intended for boats, RV's and mobile applications.  There is another solution for houses known as ESS (for Energy Storage Systems) but in the US most of its features are not yet available.  To use Solar priority in a mobile application you need an MPPT solar charge controller as well as a MultiPlus or Quattro inverter charger with a Mk3 USB Interface..  Then you will need a GX device like the Cerbo GX or Ekrano GX or else a VE Bus Smart Dongle.  All the firmware will have to updated to the latest version.  Setup is done in Victron Connect and in a nutshell it looks like this.  

This second video goes into this in more detail and shows how it works in practice as well as showing you how to override the feature when needed.


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