PKYS now collects sales tax for shipments going to Florida.  However if your ultimate destination is overseas and you are using a Florida Freight Forwarder then as long as you choose the right forwarder the shipment can be tax free.  This information comes to us courtesy of Avalara who manage sales tax collection for PKYS across multiple states.  The original article is here:  Transactions to specific Florida zip codes produce no tax  A summary follows:

Shipments to these zipcodes are tax free: 

  • 34249, 
  • 33106, 
  • 33126, 
  • 33178, 
  • 33192, 
  • 33195, 
  • 33206,
  • 33166.

Tax exemptions for Forwarding Agents in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, specific addresses (listed in an excel file in the ‘List of Approved Forwarding Agents') are allowed by the state to be exempt from state and local sales and use tax requirements.


We cannot vouch for any of the providers in the Excel file.  We did notice that some of the providers listed in the file had different zip codes to those given in the list so please confirm status with the freight forwarder directly before proceeding. 

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