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Balmar MC-618-H Voltage Regulator 12 Volts
Balmar MC-618-H Voltage Regulator 12 Volts

Balmar MC-618-H Voltage Regulator 12 Volts

On sale $367.00 $328.00
New product with limited availability
p/n: MC-618-H
Availability: In stock
This is the latest in the Max Charge series and replaces the MC614-H.  It has a data port which allows it to be programmed and monitored by the Balmar SG200 and its Bluetooth Dongle. (sold separately)  Programming can also still be done the old fashioned way using the included magnetic screwdriver. Note that using the programming app requires three additional items: the SG200, the Bluetooth Dongle and a network cable to connect them.  

  • Intelligent multi-stage regulation. 
  • Digital numeric LED display. 
  • Epoxy-encapsulated circuitry. 
  • For use with 12 volt systems 
  • Wiring harness included 
  • Can be used to drive twin alternator installations. 
  • For use with P-type externally regulated alternators 
  • Dash lamp and auxiliary lamp terminals 
  • Small engine mode 
  • Magnetic programming tool included 
  • LiFePo4 (lithium) program 
  • Optional alternator and battery temperature sensors (sold separately)
  • Optional external programming capability (requires additional equipment sold separately)

This is a new product with limited supply and more information will be made available shortly.  I don't currently have an instruction manual available.  Some additional info is on the Balmar website.  This product is the same price as the MC-614-H and will replace it once stocks of the older model are exhausted. The only difference between this and its predecessor is that this model has the option to add an external programming interface. To use this external interface requires you to have the three additional items described above. (sold separately)

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