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Balmar 10-4000 Spacer 1/2
Balmar 10-4000 Spacer 1/2"

Balmar 10-4000 Spacer 1/2"

Your Price: $14.99
Heavy duty alternator adjustment arm with screw tensioning device. An alternator adjustment arm with a simple easy to use tensioning device
p/n: 10-4000-spacer
Availability: In stock
This is a single 1/2" spacer that can be used to help mount your alternator. One possible use for this spacer is if you need to offset your adjustment arm to line up with the face of the alternator.  Sold per item, this is a single spacer, not a pack of five.

This is one of a set of three spacers available, there is a 1/4" model (p/n 10-4048), a 1/2" model (p/n 10-4000) and a 1" model (p/n 10-4047)

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