There are lots of parts shortages at the moment and this article discusses options and substitutions for some of the key items.  We are short busbars, circuit breakers, fuse holders, fuses, battery switches and other items.  Our most popular item pre pandemic was this cluster made from BEP parts that comprised a Class-T fuse holder on the input side, a battery switch, and a set of ANL fuses on the output side.  All these items were rated for 400 amps and over and all of them are currently available.

I do not have any substitution for the Class-T fuse and I did some online shopping and found little or no availability.  We do still have some Class-T fuse blocks (Blue Sea 5502100) but only a handful of Class-T fuses and none of the 400 amp ones everyone wants.  For a substitution you could use any of the next class down of fuses that include ANL or Terminal Fuses.  So for example the Blue Sea 5191 takes a terminal fuse up to 300 amps max.  The Victron CIP106100000 Fuse Holder for ANL Fuses can take a Victron CIP142400000 ANL Fuse 400 Amps   This fuse holder does not have a cover so you would have to use some cable caps or make your own cover.  The fuse holder is not as heavy duty as its Blue Sea or BEP equivalents and the fuse is not as high a spec as the Class-T but anyway that is all that is available right now.

     Victron ANL fuse holder

We don't have the BEP switches in stock either.  We do have some other assorted battery switches but not many in stock, take a look in our battery switch section.

I have two suggestions for the cluster of fuses to the right of the above photo.  The first is a heavy duty one, The Victron energy Lynx distributor which is just coming back in stock.  This takes Mega Fuses up to 400 amps  The other one to look at is the Victron CIP050060000 Mega Fuse Holder Kit for 6 Fuses which is a light duty fuse block with limits on the total current

          Victron Lynx Distributor

         Mega Fuse Holder for 6 fuses

We have a few other Victron fuse holders worth a look in their own special section on the website.

We still have quite a few busbars although not many BEP ones.  We have lots of stock of the Blue Sea 2104 heavy duty busbar

Sorry for all the shortages.  We have been ordering very aggressively but unfortunately our suppliers are coming up short.

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