Settings lock

There have been some recent changes in security for the VictronConnect app.  Until recently all Bluetooth devices came with the same password 000000 but recently Cerbo GX units have shipped with a randomly assigned password which can be accessed using the QR code.  This represents a trend that will I am sure continue.  

Part of the reason for this is the success of Victron in the marketplace.  If you go to a busy campsite or marina it is quite likely you will find many Victron Connect devices show up on your phone.  The possibility of someone inadvertently (or maliciously) opening your system is quite high unless you use password protection.

There is another reason however where you might like to add additional protection and that is locking the settings.  Assuming you have password protected the device then the only people able to access it will be those with the password.  However not everyone is qualified to alter the settings.  If you have an end user who is not technically savvy but inclined to meddle you might like the opportunity to lock them out from meddling with the settings by using this new feature.

The video below explains the feature:

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