Pictured above is a screenshot from WilhelmSK (a popular Signal K app) showing just some of the information that can be displayed onboard your boat, when using Signal K and Victron Energy products together with Victron’s Venus OS. Venus is the software operating system used by the Victron GX product range. As many of you will know Venus can also be used with Open Source projects too. Various examples can be found with a search on ‘Rasperberry Pi’ on the Victron blog. If you are not familiar with Signal K and the plethora of information that can be integrated from onboard boat systems, then this blog  published a year ago will serve as a primer – Signal K: Embracing connectivity with Victron Energy. Since publishing that blog, Signal K due to the passage of time has evolved even further and created a great deal of interest in the marine world in its own right 

This is an excerpt from the original Victron Energy Blog, read the full post here.

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