There are three models of 12/24 volt BatteryProtect with different amp ratings and a single 48 volt model.

There is a separate instruction manual for the 12/24 volt models and another for the 48 volt model and there is a separate Victron Connect Manual covering how to connect.

Warning about inverters

Note that the BatteryProtect cannot be used on the power supply to an inverter.  The BatteryProtect is a one way device and although an inverter is normally a consumer of power it does have a big capacitor and so when the capacitor discharges it can put out a reverse current that could destroy the BatteryProtect.  Consult the instruction manual to see a work around for this.

Use as a voltage sensitive switch - Programs A and B

When used in a 12 volt system the presets begin at 9.0 volts and go up to 12 volts, and then there are some choices for restart voltage.  There has to be a spread between the shutdown and startup voltage otherwise it might keep turning on and off repeatedly.  You can set a shutdown voltage as low as 7.0 volts if you go into "user defined" mode, the highest restart setting allowed is 14.2 volts.

Here is how to install the LED, Relay or Buzzer for programs A and B

Technical specifications

Smart BatteryProtect




Max. continuous load current




Peak current




Operating voltage range

6 - 35 V

Current consumption

BLE On and when on: 1.4mA When off or low voltage shutdown: 0.9mA

BLE Off and when on: 1.2mA When off or low voltage shutdown: 0.7mA

Alarm output delay

12 seconds

Max. load on alarm output

50mA - short circuit proof

Load disconnect delay

90 seconds (immidiate if triggered by a BMS)

Load reconnect delay

30 seconds

Default thresholds

Disengage: 10.5 V or 21 V Engage: 12 V or 24 V

Operating temperature range

Full load: -40 °C to +40 °C (up to 60% of nominal load at 50 °C)





Mounting Torque

5 Nm

9 Nm

9 Nm


0.2 kg 0.5 lbs

0.5 kg 1.1 lbs

0.8 kg 1.8 lbs

Dimensions (hxwxd)

40 x 48 x 106 mm

59 x 42 x 115 mm

62 x 123 x 120 mm

1.6 x 1.9 x 4.2 inch

2.4 x 1.7 x 4.6 inch

2.5 x 4.9 x 4.8 inch

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