Sprinter Van Demo Electrical System from PKYS INC on Vimeo.

This article is under construction. Stand by for more content. Whats going on here? Scroll down for a wiring diagram and parts list. You can enlarge all the images by right clicking to open image in new tab.  This is a demo system showing a Victron Smart Lithium battery installation designed for a Sprinter Van or a small boat. It has all the elements of a system that could be adapted to much bigger projects. The system will be on display at the Diversified Marine booth at Annapolis Boat Show 2021.  We have a number of videos in the pipeline to add to this post.

End view showing Lithium Smart Battery

Wiring diagram
Right click to open the images in a new tab to see an enlarged version.

Electrical system for a Sprinter Van

The parts list for this includes the following:

Because this is a demo we omitted the solar component from this project, we also made some of the wire sizes less than they normally would have been because we weren't expecting real loads, that meant we also had to put smaller fuses in to match the new wire size since the fuse is protecting the wire.  This is a particularly neat installation for a few reasons: firstly we omitted some wires including all the AC wires.  Second we have a false floor to coil up all the excess wires that were left over.  You should try to make your project as neat as possible, it helps if you need to do any troubleshooting, but don't be disappointed if yours doesn't look quite as neat as this does.

Here is an example of a real project that is also very neat.  This project involved using two BMS's in an experimental format that hasn't been fully verified yet.  Its interesting to see that there is a removable cover for protection but which allows maximum ventilation.  A bunk goes over the top and the bikes go in the space remaining.  You can see in the second photo that the MultiPlus is mounted over the wheel well.


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