Sun In One power supply system

The battery on the right in the picture above is a 48 volt bank of custom made lithium batteries with a capacity of 8000 amp hours.  It is mounted in a shipping container along with a backup diesel generator. This is being used at a Verizon cellphone tower in Oklahoma and the system was designed and built by PKYS customer SUN IN ONE of Wilmington DE.  The battery feeds a 15 kVA Quattro which is used to provide power to the cellphone transmitter tower.  The backup diesel generator is 12 kVA.

The batteries are charged from a 44 kW solar array feeding multiple banks of MPPT RS 450/100 TR solar charge controllers which you can see on the left in the photo below:

MPPT array

The batteries are arranged in multiple banks and each bank has its own Lynx Smart Shunt to keep track of state of charge.  The whole system is linked to a Cerbo GX so it can be monitored remotely on the Victron VRM.  Getting a cell signal for the data connection shouldn't be a problem for this project!   When this system is fully up and running we hope to get a snapshot from the VRM page showing it in action.  In the meantime here is one more photo below.

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