Torque wrench settings are important when dealing with power cables: Too little and you end up with a loose connection that generates heat, too much and you can strip the threads. We got ourselves an "eTork" Torque Wrench, pictured above, and tried them out.

The most critical connections are the ones with the highest current.  Below is the list of torque settings for Victron Smart Lithium Batteries, you will notice that the settings are different depending on which battery you are using.  We have had quite a few people strip the threads on these connection by tightening too tight, and in some cases the threads stripped several months after they were installed.  We haven't heard of any that were too loose but they would be equally as bad as a loose connection can heat up and the heat causes it to become looser over time until the connection eventually has a melt down.

Here are the torque settings for other items

SmartShunt  20 Nm
MultiPlus  11 Nm
Lynx Distribution System busbars and M8 bolts           14 Nm

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