This project includes solar, a custom Blue Sea Systems circuit breaker panel or two, a pair of Victron Lithium HE 24 volt batteries with the Lynx Ion BMS, and a lot of care and attention to details in the planning and execution of this ambitious project.  The original articles appeared in the online magazine Truck Camper Adventure   The whole project was built off-site for proofing and testing before being installed in the vehicle and the photos in the article show it in its testing phase.  The 48 volt system was chosed for its efficiency, the compact size of the equipment needed, and the low losses that come with higher voltage and lower current.  The core components are as follows:

  • Victron Quattro 48/5000/70-100/100 120 volts – Inverter/Charger 
  • Victron Blue Solar 150/45-tr – 48 volts Solar Charge Controller 
  • Victron Lynx Ion BMS 1000 – Battery Management System 
  • Victron Color Control GX – System Setup, Management, and Control 
  • Two Victron HE 24 volts/200 amp hour Batteries
  • A Blue Sea Custom AC and DC Load Center/Distribution Panel
  • Four 350 watt 36 volt LG Solar NeON R LG350Q1CA5 PV Panels
We look forward to seeing this all installed in the finished vehicle.  In the meantime here are the links to the original articles:

Pat DavittAbout Pat Davitt  Pat Davitt is a former Naval Aviator who served on active duty for eight years and retired from the Naval reserves after 20. He worked as a senior project manager for a general contractor and later researched, installed, and setup computer systems for construction companies. Today, Pat lives on a small ranch in the Davis Mountains of West Texas with his favorite horse “Rocky” and dog “Zorro”. Even though he already lives in the “boondocks,” he wants to visit other remote areas in the United States, which led to his search for a truck camper.

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