One of my customers just hooked up a MultiPlus inverter charger, remote panel, and Color Control GX in his Sprinter Van.  He found the installation incredibly frustrating and could get nothing to work.  When it did work he got alarms and flashing lights.  It generated about ten phone calls between us.  Everyone was exhausted.

Eventually he figured out that is was his Home Depot cables that were causing the problem.  Yes they are similar, but whether it is a quality issue or a wiring issue (there are crossover and regular cables for instance) we have had more trouble with this than all the other issues put together.  Its just not worth it to use other cables.  The Victron cables are cheap and plentiful and they come in a wide variety of lengths.  If you are doing a project buy a bunch of different lengths and return the ones you dont use.  Make life easy for yourself!

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