Victron has big price drops for 2024. Following their recent price drops in November 2023 which included a 40% price drop in the cost of MPPT solar charge controllers, Victron are starting off 2024 with another major price drop for products including Lithium Batteries, MultiPlus and Quattro inverter chargers, Orion DC DC Chargers and more.  The total number of items with price drops is in the region of 130.

BMV 712

The BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor has had a price drop to $166.60, this sold for $206.55 in 2023

The Victron Energy BAT512132410 Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12,8V 330Ah is now down to $1654.10 having started 2023 at $3150.95

This Victron Energy ITR040362041 Isolation Transformer 3600W 115/230V 32/16A is now $597.55 having previously been $747.15

The Victron Energy PMP122305120 MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 120V inverter/charger is now only $1052.30 having been $1380.40 earlier in 2023

The Smartshunt 500A is now $117.30, was $130.90

Stocks are excellent.  No more excuses. There never has been a better time for an upgrade.  We are expecting to be very busy in 2024

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