Victron Connect is the app used to configure, monitor, update and diagnose your Victron product.  The app is available for Windows and Mac, Android and iOS.   The app can connect to the product by a number of means including Bluetooth, USB, Wi and Internet.  The program is constantly evolving and this article is intended to keep you up to date on the latest improvements.   It will be updated whenever a major update is made.

To make sure you have the latest version on your device be sure to keep the app updated on your phone, tablet or computer and keep the devices you connected to updated as prompted by the app.

The schedule and changelog for Victron Connect is posted on the Victron website at VictronConnect changelog and beta releases.  The web page for Victron Connect and its configuration guide, networking guide, and instruction manual are located at the Victron Connect App webpage.

The release in September 2022 is a fairly major one and also incorporates changes to how the Victron VRM interfaces with Victron Connect.  This is described in the video below:

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