We recommend you set up your Victron Cerbo GX on the Victron VRM portal as part of the installation procedure. It only takes a few minutes and is easier to do while the instructions are at hand and the installation is all fresh in your mind. Then if you ever need remote support it will be all set up and you will be able to put your Cerbo GX online and share your site. 

The full instructions for this are online on the Victron website at this link:  VRM Portal Documentation  The online manual has lots of screenshots.  What follows below are the additional steps you will have to do if you want me to be able to help you.  
  • Make yourself a login at the Victron VRM Site.  
  • Find the Portal ID on your Cerbo GX.  That is on your local display at SETTINGS>VRM ONLINE PORTAL>VRM PORTAL ID    You will have to enter that on the Victron site.
  • To see your installation on the VRM you have to connect your Cerbo GX to the internet, which you can do via WIFI.  If necessary you can use your phone as a WIFI Hotspot
  • Please give your system a name to make it easier for us to find.  To give it a name on the VRM site go to SETTINGS>SYSTEM SETUP>SYSTEM NAME.  Something like "Joe's Van" or "Al's Boat" is a lot easier to find than some automatically generated name

  • Start by enabling the remote console.  This you have to do locally at SETTINGS>REMOTE CONSOLE>ENABLE ON VRM
  • Next enable your Widgets.  This you have to do on the VRM.   Go to ADVANCED and in the top right corner you will see a small icon for some slider bars.

  • Hit the + button to expand the selection then enable everything.  Later you can turn off the ones that aren't helpful

That's all you need to do to use the VRM yourself.  If you want to set alarms you can set up email or text alarms and get notifications if anything is amiss. That is at >ALARM RULES  You can also do remote updates, uploads and downloads of configuration files.  That is at DEVICES>REMOTE VE CONFIGURE.  You can also do upgrades of firmware at DEVICES > FIRMWARE UPDATE.  There are some things you cannot do, including a remote update of the firmware of the MultiPlus.   You can even upload an Avatar.  

If you want to invite someone else to look at your site there are some additional steps.  Before we do that though let's discuss privacy.  You can share your site with the world if you want to, many people do as you will see if you take a test drive of the sites on the DEMO page.  You can add your locations, photos and show off your installation.  You can also allow other people to control your installation, it all depends on what you set up.  So familiarize yourself with the sharing rules so you don't inadvertently allow everyone in the world to control your system.  The instructions below are what you would do to allow a specified user with full privileges to completely control your system as if they were on site in person.

  • Enable remote support. This you have to do locally on the Cerbo GX.      SETTINGS>GENERAL>ENABLE REMOTE SUPPORT
  • Share your site.  This you have to do on the VRM.  Just share it with your person, not with the world. >SHARE
  • Set the permissions for the person you are inviting.  This you have to do on the VRM.  You will find this at USERS>PERMISSIONS
  • Enable two way communications.  This you have to do locally on the Cerbo (it is in SETTINGS>VRM)
Additional information can be found in the Cerbo GX instruction manual and the VRM Portal documentation

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